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SoundBox is no longer being developed.

This Android  app is designed to work with Antony Corbett’s SoundBox.

SoundBox is Windows PC software for use at Kingdom Halls. It records, plays songs, manages media and controls media presentations. SoundBox Timer provides remote control of timing functions.

Kingdom Hall Timer App

One of the functions of SoundBox is timing.
There are several timers with a preset time for each talk.

Times can be shown on a rear-of-hall monitor for the speaker to see.

Using SoundBox Timer, timers can be started, stopped and reset remotely by an assigned person in the Kingdom Hall audience.

A two-way link with SoundBox means that operation may be carried out at the PC or the mobile.

The Kingdom Hall timer bell can be remotely sounded for student talks.

SoundBox Timer

V1.08.00 Sep 26 2016 Release

Monitor mode for platform use

Samsung Multi-Window mode enabled


V1.07.00 Sep 26 2016 Release

Edit screen for server list

Ability to name server (stored on device)

Additional display of server info

Many other changes

V1.06.00 Sep 22 2016

Another fix for scanning servers

Different screen for timer summary if Android version <5

V1.05.02 Sep 21 2016 Beta

New menu is more accessible

‘No Buttons’ mode for view only

Manual IP entry

V1.05.01 Sep 16 2016 Beta

Bug fix for no server found

V1.04.01 Sep 16 2016 Beta

Bug fix for lock-up if no server found on first scan

V1.04.00 Sep 9 2016

Change made to deal with connection problems.

V1.03.00 Sep 8 2016 Latest Release

Provision for multiple servers

Provision for ‘Remote Access Code’ (password)

Other small improvements

V1.02.04 Sep 7 2016 Beta

Bug fixes in server scan

Compatibility fix with API V2

V1.02.03 Sep 6 2016 Beta

Bug fix in password verification

V1.02.02 Sep 6 2016 Beta

Bug fix in servers selection page

V1.02.01 Sep 5 2016 Beta

Provision for multiple servers

Provision for ‘Remote Access Code’

V1.02.00 Feb 13 2016 Release

Better behaviour if communication problem. Diagnostic information shown in dialogue box for reporting errors if necessary. Bug fix for time summary menu not showing.

V1.01.00 Feb 11 2016 First release version on Google Play

V1.0.18 Second Beta Release
Minor bug fixes around time display and timer selection.

WiFi connection indicator added.

Settings page added - “hide misc timers” and “only show today’s timers”. Sub-menus for setting meeting days.

System info moved from start page to info page in settings.

Talk times page added. This shows timing for each talk but only if started and stopped on the device.

Better WiFi detection with warning if no connection. Performance warning screen for Android Version <5 removed.

Compatibility fixes for Android 3,4 and 6

Revision History

Current Download soundbox_timer.apk

(V1.08.00 Release)

Bug reports (please) to . . .

Operation - Important Information

Start the app. If it is the first time with this network, it will scan the network to detect SoundBox servers. A list of available servers will be shown. Use ‘Full Scan’ to find new servers and ‘ReScan’ to check existing ones in the list. Servers that are on-line are highlighted. Tap on a server to connect. If you have set a “Remote Access Code” (password) in SoundBox, then the app will ask you to enter this when you try to connect.

As for the rest of the functionality, if you’re familiar with SoundBox, then you should find things as you might expect. All of the selected timers will be available. A main difference is the bell is not visible unless the selected item is a student talk. The bell cannot be used until time is up. This saves accidents!

If the WiFi connection drops at the vital moment, the app can sound the bell from the device if SoundBox doesn’t confirm. Make sure that other notifications don’t sound if the volume is turned up!

Timings are recorded and displayed on timers page in the menu. Timings are only recorded when started and stopped on the device. Note that timers are in RAM - so if you close the app then the recorded times are gone.

The WiFi indicator is green when responses are received from SoundBox. If the indicator is red, it means that either the WiFi connection is lost or SoundBox may have stopped. If this happens make sure that you are in a good position for receiving the WiFi signal.

Error codes and possible causes are as follows . . .

Err 0: (No Wifi connection)

Err 1: (SoundBox not found)

Communications blocked by firewall

Clock timer server AND web API not enabled

Old version of SoundBox with no web service.

Err 2: (SoundBox found but no data received)

Clock server is enabled but web API is not enabled.

Err 3: (SoundBox found)

SoundBox has not been restarted after web API enabled.

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Note to Beta Testers!

Check that you don’t have two versions installed unless that is what you want! This can cause confusion :-)